2.7 million adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized in the US every year. We’re here to help guide potential adopters who are unfamiliar with the “rescue world.”


Ways to help:


Adopt a companion animal directly from a non-profit rescue organization

There are different types of organizations to choose from. All kinds of deserving animals can be found in kennel environments like open admission animal shelters.  This type of shelter has to accept any companion animal that is brought to them.  Many open admission shelters have high euthanasia rates because they have limited space/resources.

Another type of shelter with a kennel environment is called a limited admission animal shelter because they do not have to accept every animal.  Many animals at limited admission shelters are able to stay for months or even years until they find the right home.  Some limited admission shelters do euthanize for health or behavior.

Another type of organization is a limited admission animal rescue that is foster home based.  Animals who are accepted through a private foster-based rescue live in private foster homes until they are placed.  They do not have to deal with a stressful kennel environment every day and have time to decompress and help the rescue learn what type of home they will thrive in. If you are looking to adopt a specific breed and live in Wisconsin or surrounding states, please fill out the form below!  If we are contacted about a purebred who is either homeless or losing their home, you will be notified. 

These dogs were all adopted from open-admission shelters or pulled by non-profit rescues from an animal control facility.



Foster an animal in need through either of these shelters if they have a fostering program

Animal rescue organizations need responsible and compassionate fosters who will help animals in need when they are in danger.  Fostering is a rewarding and educational experience.  Please contact your local shelter or private rescue if you are interested in learning about their fostering programs.



Be a crossposter

Advocate for homeless animals by sharing their shelter/rescue/plea posts on social media.  Join our new national group here.


An example of what a crosspost looks like on Facebook. This post helped Fiona travel across the country to her forever home!


Intercepting animals in need

This is something experienced fosters do when an animal is losing their home in a short period of time and there are no rescues who are able to help immediately.  Please do not commit to an animal unless you are prepared to handle behavioral problems, aggression and medical issues without a non-profit organization’s help.


Charlie lost his home, so he went to an independent foster home.  His foster had him checked out by a veterinarian, groomed, neutered, vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped before he was placed in an approved home.  His new family filled out an application that was approved, met him in person, and had a home visit before he was officially placed.  He had an adoption fee, but it went right back to helping more animals in need.

Low-cost veterinary services in your area can be found here.



Independently taking in animals is not sustainable without donations.  Please help us work towards becoming a 501(c)(3)  rescue organization!

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